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Do you have questions about the Immersion Course?

Since so many of you have questions about the Immersion Course (enrollment opens 2/21 and closes 2/28) I wanted to offer a Immersion Q+A to those who are still on the fence. It will be a 40 min call over on Zoom and very casual! Just hop on the call here and get your answers answered directly by me!

Can't make it? Send me an email here and I will get right back to you!

IMMERSION Q+A with Seiko Sisco
Feb 23rd 5PM EST
Zoom link here:

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Secure a 1:1 Mentoring Call with me when you sign up to Immersion with my unique affiliate link!

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I am so excited to cheer you on your surface pattern design journey!
Because I am a proud affiliate of Bonnie Christine's Immersion Course this year, I am able to offer you a 1:1 coaching call (40 min) where you can ask me any questions about your next steps and tailor the session to best fit your needs. The coaching call will take place sometime between May - August, after the Immersion course concludes.

I will be able to offer 1:1 coaching calls for up to 20 people who sign up with my link. The first 15 people will secure their spot automatically. The other 5 will be chosen based on a random draw.

Can't wait to connect with you and support you in your surface pattern design journey.


Presented by my Mentor and Industry Expert Bonnie Christine

Ever since I started Waku Waku Baby my big dream has been to design my own fabric patterns that reflected who I am and how I view the world. When I came across Bonnie Christine's Free Workshop series last year, I knew in my heart that this was my calling. Taking her workshop totally changed the course of 2022 in the most beautiful way.


Her amazing (dare I say life-changing and life-giving) workshop is starting again so I wanted to extend an invitation to see if you'd like to join me this year.


Bonnie is an industry expert and this workshop series called "Secrets to Success in Surface Pattern Design" teaches how to create a career from your artwork.


Here’s what I love about Bonnie: She turned business into an artform, and she teaches in such a way that you can’t help but feel calm, capable, and more confident after her lessons. Her philosophy is simple: “Do one thing a day.” And with that, she taught herself the art of Surface Pattern Design while gradually building a business that now earns over 7-figures annually.


In her own words, on achieving her dream career:

“I was able to really focus on my dream of becoming a surface pattern designer. I began doing one thing every single day that helped move me toward my dream. For a while, it was just researching where I needed to begin: I asked questions, read books, and took online classes to learn Adobe Illustrator. After 11 months of ‘daily things,’ I made my first repeating pattern!”


Who else started the year hoping for more clarity, confidence, and real progress toward your goals? How much momentum do you think we could build if we all followed Bonnie’s philosophy of just doing one thing a day. The potential feels unlimited!

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The Workshop: February 13th - 21st

💭How to create a career you LOVE and achieve 3 HUGE Goals 

🤔 The 5 lies we believe about pattern design & how to overcome them

🎨 6 essential stages to becoming a licensing artist & navigating the industry 

🚫 5 common mistakes new designers make and how to avoid them 

📈 Map out the next 12 months of progress for your business 

💰 5 secrets to industry success + how to create multiple streams of revenue 

All sessions will be self-paced and include live Q&A sessions with Bonnie. 🤗

After you register, keep an eye on your inbox for Lesson #1 to arrive at 11am EST on Monday, February 13th.

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This workshop truly was the key in helping me take that first step toward pursuing my big dream of being a fabric designer. I want the same for you! Can't wait to see you inside.

Cheering you on,

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