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Welcome! Waku Waku Baby is a one-stop shop where you can find boutique baby gifts and kids accessories for your little ones. From bandana bibs for everyday wear to bow ties for special occasions, all are functional, stylish and ready for compliments. Each item is thoughtfully handmade from imaginative and colorful fabrics in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, PA.


Oh hello there! I'm Seiko - the maker and owner of Waku Waku Baby. 


I discovered my love for sewing colorful and functional baby accessories in 2018 when my son was 8 months old. At first I started sewing out of necessity since he was quite a drooler and needed absorbent and stylish bibs as a part of his daily outfit. Then my little one started walking and needed soft sole shoes that he wouldn't be able to take off himself. It was also difficult to find shoes that had an opening wide enough for his chunky ankles. So this is how I started making shoes that were adjustable around the ankle and fully lined for comfort. 


As months went by, I continued to embark on new projects and started gifting my handmade items to my friends. I felt so much joy in doing so and sewing soon became a meaningful creative outlet for me.

In 2019, I was inspired to open my shop, Waku Waku Baby, so that I can continue to share my passion of making colorful and functional baby gifts and kids accessories with families in Pittsburgh and beyond.


Waku waku means (to be) happy and excited in Japanese. I wanted my shop name to reflect my Japanese roots and the feeling I get when I sew new baby items. My hope is that my customers also feel "waku waku" upon receiving handmade gifts from my shop for their little ones!


Ever since I launched Waku Waku Baby my dream has been to design my own fabric patterns one day. I am so excited to share with you that this dream is finally becoming reality! The first exclusive Waku Waku Baby x Seiko Sisco collection is set to launch in November 2022!


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2022 has been an unexpectedly humbling year for me as I have received several prestigious awards recognizing my work at Waku Waku Baby. These grants have given me the funds to expand Waku Waku Baby to include exclusive original designs and help me grow as a designer in addition to a maker. I am excited to see where these new initiatives will take me and this small business. Thank you for following along my journey!



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hear more about my story

Heather from Pittsburgh Today LIVE stopped by I Made It! Mine Valentine's Day Market and my booth! She picked out adorable whale baby bib and shoes for her friend. She shared her experience on Feb. 6th on TV! What a fun surprise! Thank you Heather!

Check out the segment around min. 4 for the I Made It! Market feature!

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